PowerVault 110T LTO-2 with RedHat Linux AS 2.1 and tar issue

Álvaro Palma apalma at custodium.com
Fri Aug 29 08:35:00 CDT 2003

Mensaje citado por Pablo Barroso Cubillas <pablo.barroso at ico.es>:

> -
> i386 is for generic Intel architecture. You can always use this one.
> i586 optimized for Pentium (and maybe Pentium II & Pro)
> i686 for Pentium III and up.
> -
> Benefits of 2.4.9-e.16 ?
> Lots of bug fixing. Consider kernel 2.4.9 is years old, so all the bug 
> fixes which appeared afterwards, did not went into 2.4.9-e.3
> Myself with a Dell 2650 had a "freezing" problem which only got solved 
> by upgrading.
> It's up to you, but maybe just by upgrading you'd solve up your problem.

In fact, 2.4.9-e.16 is older too. There's a lot of erratas after that, being the
last (about two weeks ago) 2.4.9-e.27. Both of you should consider upgrade to
that one.

Álvaro Palma

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