Big problem with DELL PE-6400 and PV660F

Florencio Queiroz florencio at
Fri Aug 29 07:51:00 CDT 2003


I am going to be crazy with DELL support service in Brazil.
I bought one PV660H with ten 32G discs. 4 slots still free.
My PE-6400 is running RedHat 7.1 without any problem.
Now I want to increase the storage capacity putting more 2 discs on PV660F.

I called DELL and was sold to me 2 Disks of ~140G to work on my system. 
I payd about US$ 1,400.00 for each new disk.

After I pay, disks on my hand, I can't install the disks...

Each time that I call Dell Support, I get a different story:
1) Easy to do: just boot with Dell Open Array Manager CD and configure 
the storage.
2) Impossible with Dell Open Array Manager CD. You must install Windows 
2000 to configure.
3) Impossible any way. Because The configuration of PV600F is stored in 
Windows 2000!! If you configure the PV660F with another machine, the 
array will not work when you reconnect to linux machine. (*an absurd*)
4) DELL doesn't support add new discs on PV660F if is running Linux on 
server side.

I am trying:
After Boot Up with DELL CD, and run Open Array Manager, the QLOGIC fiber 
channel controller is not detected. The Open Array Manager only detects 
the PERC SCSI interface.

Pleasem anyone can help me? I am desperate to install the disks because 
my system is going to be full!!!


Florencio Queiroz
Coordenação de T.I.
TBM Têxtil Bezerra de Menezes S.A.
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