Accessing DLT Drive under Redhat 'Rescue' mode?

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Le Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 11:24:33AM +0200, dballester at prit son clavier pour nous commenter que :
> Hi, you can't.
>       Same problem here some time ago, well... is not easy to solve, 'cause
> BOOT kernel doesn't carry the st driver compiled ( yes, ¿? ) . We solved it
> booting with some Linux Rescue CD project, If i remember well we used
> LNX-BBC ( Linux Bootable Business Card ), based on
> Debian. This mini distro have st, aicXXX and others scsi related drivers
> compiled as modules ( may be you need to insmod them ). Then mount the
> partitions where your data reside and save it to tape.

Nice shot... Didn't remeber that... :)

>       Another approach can be the use of another machine with the same
> kernel installed as in your Dell PowerEdge 2500. Then, compile st driver
> from sources, insering an option that permits a driver to be compiled, or
> at least, to be 'compatible' with different kernels. In a few words ( I'm
> not expert, i see the instructions in any mailing list and don't remember
> the commnad :(. Here may be anybody can show us how to make it ), when you
> compile a module, is saved for what kernel is, then if you try to insmod
> this module in a different kernel, the process abort saying that the module
> is not for the kernel, but a special compile otion exists where you can say
> 'This module is compiled for kernel1, kernel2 and kernel3' allowing the
> driver to be insmoded in the 3 kernels.

in your kernel config

(i.e. in /usr/src/linux/.config), before doing "make dep" and other

Olivier (ceituna) LAMBERT
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