Accessing DLT Drive under Redhat 'Rescue' mode? dballester at
Fri Aug 29 04:26:00 CDT 2003

Hi, you can't.

      Same problem here some time ago, well... is not easy to solve, 'cause
BOOT kernel doesn't carry the st driver compiled ( yes, ¿? ) . We solved it
booting with some Linux Rescue CD project, If i remember well we used
LNX-BBC ( Linux Bootable Business Card ), based on
Debian. This mini distro have st, aicXXX and others scsi related drivers
compiled as modules ( may be you need to insmod them ). Then mount the
partitions where your data reside and save it to tape. I recommend you to
do it twice, for security reasons.

      Then install software again and restore data.

      Another approach can be the use of another machine with the same
kernel installed as in your Dell PowerEdge 2500. Then, compile st driver
from sources, insering an option that permits a driver to be compiled, or
at least, to be 'compatible' with different kernels. In a few words ( I'm
not expert, i see the instructions in any mailing list and don't remember
the commnad :(. Here may be anybody can show us how to make it ), when you
compile a module, is saved for what kernel is, then if you try to insmod
this module in a different kernel, the process abort saying that the module
is not for the kernel, but a special compile otion exists where you can say
'This module is compiled for kernel1, kernel2 and kernel3' allowing the
driver to be insmoded in the 3 kernels.



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We're running a Dell PowerEdge 2500 that has a DLT tape drive.  Due to
some nasty RAID problems, we can only get into the system using RedHat's
'rescue' option from the cdrom.  Fortunately, all of our data is intact.
  We want to dump all user data onto our DLT drive, just to make sure we
have a good backup before dealing with the RAID problem.

The problem is that we can't access the tape drive.  I can see it listed
under /proc/scsi/scsi with SCSI ID 6, but /dev/st0 is not listed under

How can I access the DLT tape drive under RedHat's 'rescue' mode?


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