afaapps/afasnmp for RH7/8/9

jason andrade jason at
Fri Aug 29 00:38:01 CDT 2003


Does Dell have any plans to release new versions of the AFA CLI apps/snmp
tools ?

The last release i'm aware of is 2.7-1.

Unfortunately this appears to have two problems

o a dependency on the arts package - for one of the libraries in it which is
  quite annoying as it a completely non server related package and if you
  don't use --force you end up with a _large_ amount of crud.

  as a result i end up using 2.6-1 on everything (and i think a number of
  people also do this..)

o a dependency on an older SSL release for the snmp stuff which is also
  annoying to need.. and means we don't deploy this anywhere though we'd
  like to consider this..



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