Accessing DLT Drive under Redhat 'Rescue' mode?

Joe Galewsky jg2282 at
Thu Aug 28 16:40:01 CDT 2003

I tried using: mknod /dev/st0 c 9 0
to set up the connection to our dlt tape drive but I get 'no such 
device' when I try to access the tape drive.

Any ideas how to proceed?



Joe Galewsky wrote:
> Hi-
> We're running a Dell PowerEdge 2500 that has a DLT tape drive.  Due to 
> some nasty RAID problems, we can only get into the system using RedHat's 
> 'rescue' option from the cdrom.  Fortunately, all of our data is intact. 
>  We want to dump all user data onto our DLT drive, just to make sure we 
> have a good backup before dealing with the RAID problem.
> The problem is that we can't access the tape drive.  I can see it listed 
> under /proc/scsi/scsi with SCSI ID 6, but /dev/st0 is not listed under 
> /dev.
> How can I access the DLT tape drive under RedHat's 'rescue' mode?
> Thanks,
> Joe Galewsky

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