Kickstart and PXE boot Dell PowerEdge for initial setup

Maarten Ballintijn maartenb at
Thu Aug 28 12:59:00 CDT 2003


Have a look at:

That got me up and running quickly.



ps. Make sure you have the latest syslinux/pxelinux

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 20:41, Ed Griffin wrote:
> Alright I give up, I feel stupid but I figure I will ask you guys since 
> you seem to always have the answers... :)
> I want to set up a PXE/Kickstart config, I have kickstarting working if 
> I boot from CD and I can boot PXE and install interactively.  What do I 
> do now?
> As of right now I am just using the standard RedHat packages for 
> tftp-server and pxe-0.1 actually running on my RHEL beta box.  I have 22 
> 1750's enroute and I don't want to stick CD's in each or install 
> interactively.
> Is there something I can type at the "Enter kernel parameters:" line or 
> something I can add to my PXE boot server to tell it what ks.cfg file to 
> use?
> Again I feel stupid, because I have done the google thing for the last 3 
> hours.  And I just don't get it.  :(  Detailed instructions would be 
> appreciated.
> --Ed
Maarten Ballintijn <maartenb at>
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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