Accessing DLT Drive under Redhat 'Rescue' mode?

Joe Galewsky jg2282 at
Thu Aug 28 12:21:01 CDT 2003


We're running a Dell PowerEdge 2500 that has a DLT tape drive.  Due to 
some nasty RAID problems, we can only get into the system using RedHat's 
'rescue' option from the cdrom.  Fortunately, all of our data is intact. 
  We want to dump all user data onto our DLT drive, just to make sure we 
have a good backup before dealing with the RAID problem.

The problem is that we can't access the tape drive.  I can see it listed 
under /proc/scsi/scsi with SCSI ID 6, but /dev/st0 is not listed under /dev.

How can I access the DLT tape drive under RedHat's 'rescue' mode?


Joe Galewsky

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