2.88MB Floppy support

Fernando Ortiz fortiz at lacorona.com.mx
Thu Aug 28 08:59:00 CDT 2003

Hi Sean:

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> O.k.  I grabbed the big windows update file for the ERA and went over to
> a Windows machine ( I feel a bit dirty ).  If I start the update on any
> windows machine(even if it doesn't have an ERA), I can grab the
> firmimg.bm1 file from the unzip directory it creates in C:\TEMP, but
> only if I don't click on the notification window that references the
> failure to detect an ERA and grab the file out of that directory before
> the application exits.  Then I can copy the file onto my TFTP server and
> have it served up from there....GEESH!


> Please let me know if there is a plan to release the TFTP version of the
> updates in a more non-windows friendly environment, as I don't use
> Windows machines for my servers....

Most of the .EXEs files you download from support site are self extracting
zip files.

Try the unzip command (from the unzip rpm),

[web at web tmp]$ unzip bab_ttsm.exe
Archive:  bab_ttsm.exe
  inflating: MSTTSM22.EXE
  inflating: MSpchapi.exe
  inflating: setupspc.exe


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