PE 1750 - LSI 1030 and FreeBSD

Valery Roche vroche at
Thu Aug 28 07:18:00 CDT 2003

Hi all,

Well I know that FreeBSD is not a linux distribution, but I thought that 
someone could help me. Please excuse me if this message is out of topic, 
but let me know :)

I'm trying to install FreeBSD on PE1750 with a LSI controller and 2 HDs 
: 36GB and 73 GB.

The LSI is recognized, but during the install process -when booting 
exactly- it seems that the system freezes, and I don't know why.
You could answer me that FreeBSD is not compatible with PE1750, but one 
guy did it :

Is there something to do, like preparing the HDs before install ? 
Something else ?
I'm trying to do that since last week. I'm near the nervous breakdown.
Please, help !!!

Thanks in advance

Valery Roche
University of Poitiers

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