PowerVault 110T LTO-2 with RedHat Linux AS 2.1 and tar issue

Ghotra, Barry bghotra at agensys.com
Wed Aug 27 23:16:00 CDT 2003

Hello all,
Hope you guys don't mind me asking you this question directly using email. I
saw a bunch of replies from you all regarding this issue with a DLT TAPE
drive. I have RedHat Linux AS 2.1 version on a PowerEdge 2600. I received my
PowerVault 110T LTO-2 today and I plugged it in using the Adaptec SCSI 39160
card. I cat tar up a few small files (less than 50-100MB) but the minute it
tries to backup a file over a few hundred Mbytes I get this error:
[root at oadbsd crp1data]# tar -cvf /dev/nst *
tar: /dev/nst: Wrote only 4096 of 10240 bytes
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
I got the last impression reading the reply  that I should download the
latest driver from
" Using it and everything's fine. ( I unrpm'ed the file and renamed & 
replaced aic7xxx.o instead of installing with rpm -i and all the stuff...) "
But can someone please tell me this should fix my issue as well. And if so
which driver do I download for the PE2600 running Linux RedHat AS 2.1 and 
What are the instructions to install it.
Really appreciate you guys answering it for me.
Barry Ghotra
Oracle Consultant
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