2.88MB Floppy support

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at metro1.com
Wed Aug 27 16:57:00 CDT 2003

Thanks again for your response...I have looked pretty much everywhere on
the site for the updates and I am unable to find the TFTP version of the
ERA updates...Can you poke around or ask someone if they even exist and
post the updated URL of their location to this message board.

If I can get the updates to load via TFTP then I can stop "whining" on
the message board.

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 14:36, Tim_T_Murphy at Dell.com wrote:
> Sean, it sounds as though you may be trying to tftp the wrong image file.
> all PE2650 (ERA) RAC firmware update tftp image files have the .bm1
> extension,
> this hasn't changed. other firmware.xxx images (.xxx=.rm1, .bin, ..) are
> used
> for other rac types, the ERA firmware's tftp will not accept these
> (thankfully).
> the two floppies you refer to are firmware 'repair' images, 
> these cannot be used with tftp; you are right they are of a different
> format.
> but the tftp images with equivalent firmware as what you have in the
> floppy 'repair' format should also be available.
> the rac firmware update tftp image files live on the support website, but 
> unfortunately i'm not familiar enough with the support site to guide you 
> to the right download.
> i believe you are on the right track in using the tftp method
> for updating your (colo) RAC firmware.  the instrs for performing
> the tftp update are in the racadm user guide on the doc cd,
> or use racadm help fwupdate for a synopsis.
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> Well, can a higher density floppy image be added to the supported
> types?  It would be very beneficial to people that are trying to use the
> advantages of the DRAC if they could load image larger than 1.44MB.  If
> this is not possible, can your people stop releasing BIOS/Firmware
> updates on mulitple floppy disks?  Or, can they provide instructions on
> how to update the DRAC via TFTP?
> Right now, the latest updates are not in the same format as the previous
> releases, and the DRAC doesn't know how to TFTP them(still looks for one
> firmware file called firmimg.bm1).  Now there are at least six different
> files that are "flashed" to the DRAC from the multiple floppy disks(2
> disks actually), which is why I am trying the higher density floppy disk
> images in the first place.
> As I was typing, another message came in on this subject:
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> Johnathan Conley
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> Sean Bruno
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> RE: 2.88MB Floppy
> support
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> Wed, 27 Aug 2003
> 15:10:36 -0500
> The Dell system utilities disk (that has BIOS/Backplane/BCE-fix) - has a
> ramdisk and unzip utility.
> You can modify their startup scripts and the inner ZIP file. Hopefully
> the data you want to use will compress to a 1.44
> Since the firmware updates for the DRAC are already compressed, and they
> are larger than 1.44MB and the TFTP paradigm has been broken, there is
> no way for me to update my 100+ PE2650's without the use of a
> "sneaker-net" in the remote locations.  This is really unacceptible for
> my company, especially when we purchased the machines because they had
> the remote update functionality.
> So, in summary, either A:  Make the larger floppy disk format image
> work(2.88MB), B:  Change the DRAC updates to support TFTP again or C: 
> Stop distributing your updates on multiple floppies.
> Thanks for your help on this issue.  Sorry if I am a bit brusque with my
> comments.
> On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 13:01, Tim_T_Murphy at Dell.com wrote:
> > Sean, the January '03 User Guide states the 1.44MB limitation.
> > when the UG was converted to online help in the UI apparently this
> > information was omitted.
> > 
> > i agree that its misleading for the FW to accept larger images than what
> it
> > supports.
> > 
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> > Subject: RE: 2.88MB Floppy support
> > 
> > 
> > Thanks for the information.  Are you absolutely sure that it doesn't
> > support 2.88MB floppy images or something bigger than 1.44?  It seems
> > that the RAC on a PE2650 can load larger images(verified by uploading
> > into the RAC and then downloading the image back out of the RAC).  
> > 
> > If there is a larger than 1.44MB type supported, can you tell me what it
> > is?  If there is not a larger type supported, then can it be added to
> > the software of the RAC?
> > 
> > On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 12:39, Tim_T_Murphy at Dell.com wrote:
> > > Sean, the RAC floppy boot feature supports only 1.44MB diskette images.
> > > 
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> > > From: Sean Bruno [mailto:sean.bruno at metro1.com]
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> > > Subject: 2.88MB Floppy support
> > > 
> > > 
> > > Can the Embedded DRAC on the PE2650 make the system boot off a 2.88MB
> > > floppy image.  I have been able to get the system to load the image
> > > successfully, but the system locks up when trying to boot off this
> > > image.
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