test results: trying to grow a container

René Hoffmann hoffmann at chamaeleon.de
Wed Aug 27 12:17:01 CDT 2003


Thanks to everyone helping us  - especially to you Jason.

(Your testing has been very, very useful -  I feel much
better now; understanding what's going on on this ...
controller. Thanks a lot again)

Our controller is a perc3/di. If were going down to do
the reconfiguration, we'll test whether this makes a difference
and will donate the result to this list - might be it will help
someone else.

Sincerely yours,


jason andrade wrote:

>I decided to do some testing to the issue of trying to
>'grow' a container by replacing drives with larger sized
>summary: i can't see any way to do it, at least not with
>         a mirrored container.  i doubt it will be different
>         with raid5
>I created a RAID1 mirror set using 2 9G drives.  installed
>redhat linux 9 on it and then used the afacli tools.
>i offlined slot1 and replaced the 9G drive with a 73G drive.
>the system rebuilt fine onto it.  it sees it as a 73G drive
>and it used 9G of capacity on it to rebuild.
>i then offlined slot0 and replaced the remaining 9G drive
>with a 73G drive.  the system rebuilt fine again and i
>now had 2 73G drives in RAID1.  however the container is
>still 9G in size (8.47G specifically) and i cannot see
>any way to 'grow' it.  i also cannot see any way to create
>'another' container using the free space.
>if you go into the console (controller) bios you can
>'see' the extra disk space but if you try to use it
>in any way you will find the controller gives you
>an error.  it did this no matter whether i tried to
>use one or both drives and whether i tried to create
>a container as a volume, stripe or mirror.
>this is using the perc2/si controller on a PE2400.. i doubt
>it would be any different on the perc3/si or perc3/di.
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