2650 with Dell FC array problems...

Cris Rhea crhea at mayo.edu
Tue Aug 26 19:31:01 CDT 2003

> > The 660 is showing no errors.
> do you have the management software for the 660 ? i believe there is a
> windows version (that does inband management via the fc path) and also
> supposedly a java version that could run on the 2650..


I did a Google search and only came up with other "I think one exists" 

> OMSA will not do anything to diagnose problems with an external 660/224 unit

Thanks. Won't waste time on that one.

> > Is this something that Dell diags will pick up?
> i don't think the dell diags on the *machine* will pick anything up
> though it might identify if you had a problem with the one or two HBAs
> you have in the unit.  however can you operate connected to the 660F
> with the 224 disconnected with no issues ? it may point to a specific
> problem with the 224 or connectivity between the 224 and 660.

Again, thanks. Was hoping the diags had a full test of connected 
660/224's, but alas....

We happen to have one of the Dell Storage Experts visiting our site
and although he isn't fluent in Linux and has never seen a direct
attached 660, he's given me some ideas on how to proceed.

--- Cris

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