raid init is too slow...

Johnathan Conley jdc at
Tue Aug 26 17:05:00 CDT 2003


I know this is not specific to linux - but since I can't find a general
poweredge list - I figure I'll post here.


I have the Perc3/Di on 2650's - and creating a raid 1/5 takes an
eternity. I know I am justified in my opinion b/c certain (unnamed)
competitors built-in raid controllers are significantly faster. I have
tried both clean/scrub and am in the ballpark of 150gb.


I don't have any of Dell's newer systems /w the Perc4/Di - but if any
Dell personnel can forward this on - it would be a big help. It's really
annoying to try to rebuild a server /w new raid and it take 4+ hours to
just init the disks. 

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