2650 with Dell FC array problems...

jason andrade jason at rtfmconsult.com
Tue Aug 26 15:51:00 CDT 2003

On Tue, 26 Aug 2003, Cris Rhea wrote:

> > do you have the management software for the 660 ? i believe there is a
> > windows version (that does inband management via the fc path) and also
> > supposedly a java version that could run on the 2650..
> Pointers???
> I did a Google search and only came up with other "I think one exists"
> postings...

no pointers.  you either got the software with the unit or you have to
contact your dell account manager to obtain it (purchase).  i can't estimate
what it might cost you but i am _fairly_ certain the java management stuff
is available on the 660/224 platform.  it definitely is on the later
platforms.. it is just that the 660 is the 'odd' storage platform out
between 650 and CX...

> We happen to have one of the Dell Storage Experts visiting our site
> and although he isn't fluent in Linux and has never seen a direct
> attached 660, he's given me some ideas on how to proceed.

nod.  i think the dell engineers are very clued in and helpful (usually
above and beyond what is required).  sometimes it's just getting past the
tier1 process to get to them that can be a bit difficult.. and of course
the engineer can't help with contractual/purchase type issues of



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