PE 6650, DRAC III and Cyclades

Mondragon, Marc Marcmo at
Tue Aug 26 14:06:01 CDT 2003


I'm in the process of adding a DRAC III card to my PE 6650's in order to provide
similar serial console access ala my PE 2550's and PE 2650's.  

The wrinkle is that I'm using the onboard serial port as a heartbeat channel for my
RH AS cluster.  So... my questions are:

1. Will there be a conflict between the DRAC III VT100 serial port and the onboard serial port?
    If so, how to get around it?  They both appear to be ttyS0 to me.

2. Do I need to enable console redirection in the BIOS for the DRAC remote access or are the 
    BIOS settings only if you're redirecting your output via the onboard serial port.

3. Has any connected the VT100 serial port up to a Cyclades Terminal Server?  If so what
    kind of cabling did you use?  I've been able to connect to the VT100 port via a Null Modem
    cable by running Minicom from another machine but so far it's been no go via the Cyclades.

4. Any hints, tips and/or suggestions?


Marc Mondragon

Fox River Financial Resources/Ritchie Capital Investments, Ltd.
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Geneva, IL  60134
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