Debian Woody on PowerEdge 1600SC

James Bruce brucej at
Tue Aug 26 10:41:00 CDT 2003

> 3. Scott Kveton ISO : I have downloaded
>, and burned a CD with
> this ISO. 

This is the way I would go.  Those instructions have helped me on all
manners of servers.  If this particular ISO didn't work, the
instructions on the page help you build a new ISO with a kernel that
should work.  Get plenty of blank CD-R's just in case (or use a CDRW). 

> When I boot, the LSI Logic is detected.
> I begin the installation (Keyboard, Initialize a Linux Partition, etc.), and
> when I must "Install Kernel and Driver Modules", I have an error :
> "There was a problem installing the Drivers from
> /instmnt/dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/bf2.4/drivers.tgz"

This is what I would do (as I've seen this before).

First, "Install Kernel and Drive Modules" from the CD.  This is
extremely important.  The kernel you booted with worked, so this is the
kernel you want your system to have.  The one on the CD.  

As for the other items, I would grab them off the network.  I'm
referring to the "Base System Install" (or something like that).  So
make sure your NIC is configured and that you can hit the network (DCHP
for example).  Then use the Network for everything else. 

If for some reason you can't install the kernel from the CD (which
happened to me once because I forgot those drivers), then copy the CD to
a web folder (for example woody) and point to it instead (just the root
of that folder).   The install will find the kernel within the folder

Hope this helps.


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