DRAC Identification

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Check the invoice to see if you have ordered the ERA/O (O = option).  If
yes, you have the whole ERA at your service.  If no, you'll need to order up
that optional component for that server model and install it to enable that
IP port with the wrench for remote access via IP.

You're welcome,


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> All -
> I am trying to figure out if I have a DRAC card installed on my 1650
> PowerEdge.  I have checked the invoice, and saw nothing of the sort on it.
> I do however have the RJ45 female connector on the backside with a little
> tool/wrench next to it. I figure that this just comes standard though,
> if you dont have the supporting card.
> Is there an easy way to determine if I have a DRAC card? (Would something
> like lspci -vvv do the trick?  or do I have to open the box up?)
> Thanks,
> Andrew Brink
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