Mail Cleaner Virus Alert mailcleaner at
Tue Aug 26 00:30:01 CDT 2003

************* GITS Antivirus Gateway ****************************

Detail of virus infected email and its scanning result:
(Please also see IMPORTANT NOTE below.)

Action: Saved to 1061875758-AXP93942
Subject: Thank you!
From:    linux-poweredge at
To:      phuwadon at, 
File:    (part0002:document_9446.pif)
Virus:   Win32/Sobig.F at mm
Action: Reject succeeded 

Trace Information:

Received: from (HELO ITD?SARAVUTH) (

Important Note:

1. Depending on the action stated above. The action taken was as
described below:  

Action: Reject Succeeded
The virus-infected email is rejected, thus it is not delivered 
to any of designated recipient(s).

Action: Clean 
Action: Move 
The designated recipient(s) still get a copy without virus-infected.

2. For Receiver (Your email address is in 'To: '): 
Do not panic.  This email is just to inform you that there was 
an email infected virus intended to harm you, but the MailCleaner 
has already cleaned it out.  You are now safe.

3. For Sender (Your email address is in 'From: '): 
This email is to ALERT that you (or virus infected on your computer) 
might have sent out the email that is infected by virus to indicated 
receiver(s). Please scan your machine for possible virus infection.  
Free antivirus software such as AntiVir ( or 
AVG, Free Edition ( or
Free online virus scan ( are available.
(You MUST make a backup for your systems and important data
before installing or using these software, to avoid unexpected 
problem.  You have been warned!)

Please note that, with today's virus, it is possible the virus 
infected on your computer sent the email out automatically without 
your awareness.  Also, recent case(s) indicated that your email 
address might have been used (or faked) as the sender of that 
virus-infected email by someone else or by the virus infected 
on other people's computer.  A quick look at 'Trace Information' 
shown above should be helpful to distinguish whether 
the virus-infected email has been sent out from your mail server 
or someone else's mail server.

GITS Mail Cleaner Service Center
Government Information Technology Services (GITS)
National Electronics and Computer Technology (NECTEC)

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