Broadcom Gigabit and 2.4.21

John Dell jdell at
Mon Aug 25 23:12:01 CDT 2003

> I am about to place a new kernel on a PE2550 which has a Broadcom Gigabit
> Ethernet adapter and an Intel Pro100.
> It's currently using 2.4.7 and bcm7500 (module) for its drivers. I want to
> put 2.4.21 on this server and I recall numerous problems with the tigon3
> drivers causing massive lockups in the kernel. Is 2.4.21 stable with the
> Broadcom Gigabit cards now?

I've been using the TG3 driver since May with no trouble whatsoever on a 
PE2650 with 2.4.19 and 2.4.20 (once I got a hardware problem solved with a 
bad broadcom nic).  However, like Jason Andrade, I haven't had real heavy 
loads on the server.

Also, remember if you are a remote user to update your modules.conf file 
*before* you reboot with the new kernel, or you'll need local console to 
regain network access :-)


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