max_scsi_luns not working anymore ?

jason andrade jason at
Mon Aug 25 22:11:00 CDT 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003 Zachary_Reneau at wrote:

> You should be able to just add a max_scsi_luns=128 to options scsi_mod line.
> i.e.
> options scsi_mod max_scsi_luns=128
> Then remake the initrd.
> It looks like you've already tried that though.

yes, i've tried that.  it does not appear to work.  it is basically the
most frequently suggested thing from google searches (the other being
to just pass the option to the command line in grub).

neither appears to work for me but i _know_ a custom kernel build
works ok.. so i'm really puzzled as to what the problem is.  if a
custom kernel didn't work then i could at least assume that there
might be a problem with the units themselves.. but this isn't the



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