2650 with Dell FC array problems...

jason andrade jason at rtfmconsult.com
Mon Aug 25 21:14:00 CDT 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Cris Rhea wrote:

> I've got a PE2650 with a PE660+PE224 FC array attached. This is running RH9.0.
> Has been working fine until now, but this weekend, the 224 started tanking
> (heartbeat light on ALL drives blinking orange).  All drives in the 224
> (36GB) are in a RAID-5 config.

hmm. making a WAG i wonder if there are problems with the cables or
attachment loops into the 224.  it would be extremely odd for all 14 drives
to fail at once. also, checked the power supplies of the unit ?

> I forced the array on-line this morning with the Veritas Array Manager running
> on a small Win2K partition and things came back OK. It tanked again
> (same symptoms) around 1:00PM.
> The 660 is showing no errors.

do you have the management software for the 660 ? i believe there is a
windows version (that does inband management via the fc path) and also
supposedly a java version that could run on the 2650..

> What do I need to run under Linux to figure out what's croaking?  I've
> seen references to OSMA, but mostly for monitoring evironmentals
> (and causing problems).

OMSA will not do anything to diagnose problems with an external 660/224 unit

> Is this something that Dell diags will pick up?

i don't think the dell diags on the *machine* will pick anything up
though it might identify if you had a problem with the one or two HBAs
you have in the unit.  however can you operate connected to the 660F
with the 224 disconnected with no issues ? it may point to a specific
problem with the 224 or connectivity between the 224 and 660.



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