VNC connection to PE2650

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Mon Aug 25 12:57:00 CDT 2003

Is it possible to get the remote console on the PE2650 without actually
using the JAVA_VM OMSA stuff?  I see that the java console thingy is
connecting to what appears to be "standard" VNC ports, and sniffing the
packets, it appears to be sending data "in the clear" so there is no

When I connect the VNC viewer app to the port on the RAC of the 2650
that the java console has connected to, I don't get any connection
information...Does this make sense to anyone?  I am attempting to do
this due to the fact that the console application under the web/java
stuff is really, really, really, slow and buggy.  It seems to swallow my
type keys sometimes and not pass them on to the machine.

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