megaraid 2.00.7, how to compile?

Álvaro Palma apalma at
Mon Aug 25 09:34:01 CDT 2003

Mensaje citado por Rainer Traut <rainer.traut at>:

> But how do I do this with v2?
> Do I need the version with hostlock or without?

Get the version for kernel 2.4 from:

Put in drivers/scsi directory of the kernel sources and compile it using the
Makefile of the kernel:

make modules SUBDIRS=drivers/scsi

Then rebuild the ramdisk and try. However, I've tested both 1.18j and 2.00.7
drivers, and 1.18j run faster than 2.00.7 in my PE 1400SC (at least hdparm says
so), besides is the brach included in 2.4 kernel by RH.

Álvaro Palma

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