OT: SCO support on new Dell servers

Eric Wood eric at interplas.com
Mon Aug 25 07:48:00 CDT 2003

No thanks - I hate subscribing for one question.  Like I said, I searched
the sco-poweredge archive and the overall concencise is that SCO is no
longer being supported on the new server offerings.  It's apparent from the
lack of SCO driver downloads from the dell.com site.   I'll just tell my
customer (who wanted the Dell) that they have to get off SCO (move to linux)
or let me build them a custom server.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not the one
complaining - I'm glad SCO is history.  90% of all my new installs is linux.

-eric wood

Matt Domsch wrote:
>> Since I obviously need Raid drivers, does Dell provide SCO drivers
> redirect to sco-poweredge at dell.com please.  (subscribe at
> lists.us.dell.com).  Our Custom Solutions Engineering group handles
> all
> SCO workings there, and will be better able to answer than here.

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