Broadcom Gigabit and 2.4.21

jason andrade jason at
Mon Aug 25 02:21:01 CDT 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Paul wrote:

> I am about to place a new kernel on a PE2550 which has a Broadcom Gigabit
> Ethernet adapter and an Intel Pro100.
> It's currently using 2.4.7 and bcm7500 (module) for its drivers. I want to
> put 2.4.21 on this server and I recall numerous problems with the tigon3
> drivers causing massive lockups in the kernel. Is 2.4.21 stable with the
> Broadcom Gigabit cards now?

it depends on who you talk to..  i would say yes.. but i haven't run it
under _really_ heavy network load yet.

to date according to the maintainer of the code (jeff garzik) the current
incarnation should be stable (v1.5) which is at least in redhat 2.4.20
kernels (i'm not sure if it is in the mainstream 2.4.21.. but i think it
should be).

of course another alternative (and the one being recommended by dell, at
least until recently) is to run whatever kernel and incorporate the
bcm5700 driver.. (which is downloadable from dell's site)



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