OT (again): Dell, Linux, and "other *nix" ( was Re: OT: SCO support on new Dell servers)

Joe Stevens joe at dvt.spin.ad.jp
Sun Aug 24 21:13:00 CDT 2003

> redirect to sco-poweredge at dell.com please.  (subscribe at 
> lists.us.dell.com).  Our Custom Solutions Engineering group handles all 
> SCO workings there, and will be better able to answer than here.


Since you guys have a support structure devoted to SCO, I was wondering
if there is something similar for Solaris/x86?  I used to see Solaris
drivers for some of our older servers when I went to the Dell Support
site, but recently I haven't seen any.
(incidentally, I checked the mailing list section, and there was only
SCO and linux lists listed)



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