OT: SCO support on new Dell servers

Eric Wood eric at interplas.com
Fri Aug 22 14:35:00 CDT 2003

Customer wants a new OpenServer 5 server with Raid.....  (their software
provide hasn't switch to Linux yet).

It appears that the PowerEdge 400SC, 600SC, and 1600SC are the current main
line Dell value servers.  The web site doesn't show any available SCO
drivers on either system - but it does show support for linux.

Since I obviously need Raid drivers, does Dell provide SCO drivers even
though they're not mentioned on the website.  Or has Dell pretty much punted
SCO support?  If so, I'll be forced to build my own server with an LSI raid
card since I only trust my own servers and Dell servers. ;-)

-Eric Wood

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