[FAST and Linux]

Serge ALGAROTTI Serge.Algarotti at ensmp.fr
Fri Aug 22 05:44:00 CDT 2003


we have installed FAST on PC Windows XP (Fast 2.7.1 build 3564).

Is it possible to access a Raid controller on  Dell 2550 linux remote machines 
Redhat 7.2 ? 

With Fast, we try "Manage Remote Controllers", we put the IP adress of one of 
the remote linux machine, we choose "Using tcp/ip" but we have a message

"The remote computer could not be found. Ensure fast Remote Services are 
running on the remote computer..."

The remote machine is on line, ping works, afacli and afasnmp are installed 
and afacli is running  with open afa0 .

We have try with several linux dell, it's the same.

If it's possible, what exactly we must install or/and configure on the linux 
machine ?


Best regards,

Serge Algarotti ENSMP CEMEF [CNRS UMR 7635]

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