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I think that the disk is OK now. The controller had to use Domain Validation
again to test the communication speed to the disk when you replaced it. It
was then able to communicate at the full speed of 160Mb/s. 
This could mean that there was a bad connection on the SCSI connector, noise
on the bus, or these are some of the reasons that Adaptec give:

Narrow cabling between wide initiators and devices
Expanders that cannot support the negotiated data transfer scheme
Damaged cables
Improper termination
Damaged bus transceivers

Incorrect cable impedance
Incorrect SCSI device spacing
Poor or marginal termination
Marginal transceivers
Excessive crosstalk sensitivity
Excessive system noise

You may find Adaptec's WhitePaper good:

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> That's unusual.
> SCSI-2 (Ultra 160) uses Domain Validation on all devices attached to the
> controller. This lets the device communicate with a controller at a
> different speed to any other devices on the bus. Previously, if a slower
> device was connected, the whole bus would drop to the slower speed...
> I can only see one SCSI-LVD (Ultra-80) device available at 36Gb.
> Can you get the dell part number off the drive? (DP/N or Dell P/N)

here are all informations:

Seagate Cheetah Ultra U320 SCSI Drive
Part number: 9V4006-079
firmware: DS08

There is something strange,

yesterday the afacli command "disk show" display this rate (80) for the

> B:ID:L  Device Type  Blocks    Bytes/Block Usage         Shared Rate
> ------  -----------  --------- ----------- ------------- ------ ----
> 0:00:0   Disk         71132959  512         Initialized   NO     80
> 0:01:0   Disk         17783239  512         Initialized   NO     160
> 1:02:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160
> 1:03:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160
> 1:04:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160

Today, I do (for read the part number on the disk) a enclosure prepare slot 
for extract the disk, after I insert the disk and after the rebuild the 
afacli command "disk show" display a rate of 160 for the disk !

Dell (France) said that may be the container must be created again after we 
backup ours datas !  I doesn't understand, we buy a RAID 1 for redondancy
the 9 Go disk work well !

I doesn't understand why we must recreated a container if one disk is good. 
Are there others methods ? 

thank for your help

Best regards,

Serge Algarotti ENSMP CEMEF [CNRS UMR 7635]

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