server crashed, unable to boot

Eric Reff eric at
Thu Aug 21 22:38:01 CDT 2003

I just bought a rackmount 1650 PE loaded with RedHat 8.0.  I was performing
some simle tasks like listing and changing directories when suddenely these
commands could no longer be found.  It wouldn't allow me to halt or reboot
the server so I cut power.  Upon rebooting, the kernel loads and then stops
near the end when it is unable to find inittab.

I've just burned a copy of knoppix which I hope will allow me to boot the
system and diagnose the problem.  My gut feeling is that my root partion is
gone.  The filesystems are all ext3.  No RAID.  Two SCSI disks, but one is
just a large storage volume.

Any advice on how to diagnose the problem with knoppix or any other tools?


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