Backups and boot-CD for PE2600

Fernando Ortiz fortiz at
Thu Aug 21 14:36:01 CDT 2003

I backup my PE500SC and PE600SC using InstantRecovery from Novastor
Corporation ( ) on my DDS-4

No need to install, runs from the bootable CD. Can backup almost ANY type of

It also handles CD-WR, DLT, disk to disk, etc. but I have not tested.


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> Hi,
> On my previous system I had a tar based backup solution and could do bare
> recovery by first booting the new system with tom's rtbt (a small linux
> floppy with everything but the kithcen sink) and from there mount and
> the disks and then read the tape. A simple chroot into the restored system
> run lilo and Bob's my uncle.
> The main drawback with this system was tar; tar writes everything in one
> chunk, thus sould a problem with the tape have disastrous results for the
> backup since everything past that point would be unreadable.
> Then I got my new server, a PE 2600 with a 100GiB LTO drive, and decided
> improve this scheme a bit and use a real backup software package for a
> I have settled for Arkeia Light, partly because it is nice and partly due
> the appealing price tag. To be honest: it is the best I have found yet.
> What I can't get to work is a bare metal recovery. Anybody got any tips
> I have been thinking along these lines:
> o put everything on tape and boot from something to restore it. I have
> Knoppix without result. It seems to barf on the RAID system. Could well be
> the version of the megaraid driver is too old, as hinted on Matt Domsch's
> o put just the basic system on tape, restore that one and get the rest
> other backups -- this means that I will only backup dynamic data as bart
of the
> backup plan and consider the OS static. Same problem as above -- can't
boot the
> system to a stage where I can read the tape
> o rely on the OS install CD:s and use that as a starting point. Once upand
> running I will perform whatever customizations I have made and then read
> tapes with dynamic data on top of this
> So, my posting is in part a question as to how you have thought about your
> backup schemes and part about how on earth can I find some nice CD based
> distro that supports the built-in RAID on a PE2600?
> Cheers!
> Karl-Koenig Koenigsson
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