NFS problems with RH 9

Venkatesh Nagarajan venkat at
Thu Aug 21 13:10:00 CDT 2003

Thank you for you reply. 

I tested the same scenario with a solaris 8 machine that has this patch you mentioned. The performance is still very slow. Roughly 200K/sec

My /etc/exportfs on the RH 9 machine looks like this...


I am not giving any options to mount. I am manually mounting with

mount server:/usr/evahome /test

I have more information....

I have another RH 9 machine and when I mount /usr/evahome using

mount server:/usr/evahome /test

I get very slow performance in the order of 900K/sec.

I would appreciate if some one here can tell me what I am doing wrong. 

Thank you,

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Venkatesh Nagarajan wrote:

> I have not looked at solaris patches. Will do so now.

108727-25 is the NFS client patch for Solaris 8 that pretty much clears 
up most of the performance lag between Solaris clients and a Linux 
server.  Not sure if Sun issued the same fix for Solaris 6 clients, but 
it's completely worth your time to search for one.

> Thank you again and I would appreciate any more suggestions.

Please search the archives of this mailing list for a posting I made 
about poor NFS performance and the discussion that followed.  There are 
a ton of helpful suggestions in there.
Tom Georgoulias
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