Backups and boot-CD for PE2600

Seth Mos knuffie at
Thu Aug 21 07:27:00 CDT 2003

At 15:45 20-8-2003 +0200, Karl-König Königsson wrote:
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>o put everything on tape and boot from something to restore it. I have tried
>Knoppix without result. It seems to barf on the RAID system. Could well be 
>the version of the megaraid driver is too old, as hinted on Matt Domsch's 

According to there bugsystem the 24-7-2003 snapshot and later have a newer 
megaraid driver. I filed this bug already.

I can't say for sure, since the disk in my lattitude went belly up and took 
the mail with it. I even downloaded the snapshot image but I think I will 
have to again :-/

See I created. It's the bbc 
disk but with a newer megaraid. The only thing missing is a e1000 network 



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