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That's unusual.

SCSI-2 (Ultra 160) uses Domain Validation on all devices attached to the
controller. This lets the device communicate with a controller at a
different speed to any other devices on the bus. Previously, if a slower
device was connected, the whole bus would drop to the slower speed...

I can only see one SCSI-LVD (Ultra-80) device available at 36Gb.

Can you get the dell part number off the drive? (DP/N or Dell P/N) 
It may be a slower LVD drive, or it may be having communication problems.

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on a 2550 we update the Raid Bios SCSI to 2.7.1 Build 3571  and the afacli
afaapps-2.7.1 under Linux Redhat. We see a new colon "rate" for the disk

AFA0> disk list
Executing: disk list

B:ID:L  Device Type  Blocks    Bytes/Block Usage         Shared Rate
------  -----------  --------- ----------- ------------- ------ ----
0:00:0   Disk         71132959  512         Initialized   NO     80   
0:01:0   Disk         17783239  512         Initialized   NO     160 
1:02:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160 
1:03:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160 
1:04:0   Disk         71132960  512         Initialized   NO     160 

1) This new display rate is not in the documentation. What is the meaning ?


disk 2, 3 4 are a RAID 5
disk 0 and 1 are a RAID 1 mirror

Why there is a different rate for the RAID 1 mirror ? 

Dell has changed a failed 9 Go by a 36 Go.

thank for your help,

best regards

Serge Algarotti ENSMP CEMEF [CNRS UMR 7635]

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