convert raid 1 to raid 5? best raid mgmt utility?

jason andrade jason at
Thu Aug 21 03:48:00 CDT 2003

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Joe Janitor wrote:

> install Red Hat 9 when it arrives. Can I simply plug in the
> third drive to the PERC controller and then use the BIOS
> utility to set up a RAID5 striped array instead of whatever
> the factory did?

yes.  you can just delete any existing container (assuming
there is one), initialize the drives and then select all three
and create a raid5 container.

> Also, what is the best utility to use for monitoring, email
> notification, etc. once I have the OS installed and running?

afacli will let you do some level of monitoring if you script
it.  you can also use the snmp interface into it i believe.

there are some posts about how to do this in the archives..



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