Dual Processor Problem?

jason andrade jason at rtfmconsult.com
Wed Aug 20 21:58:00 CDT 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Anthony Kaufman wrote:

> We have a PE1650 running Debian Linux as our web server.  In efforts to install a second processor in it, I stole the Processor #1 from our other identical 1650 which we aren't using at the moment.
> On boot-up, the BIOS detected the 2nd processor, our website was up and running fine, $ cat /proc/cpuinfo shows the new CPU, but the amber status indicator light is blinking and has been since I started up.  The troubleshooting guide says the light can be anything from temperature to hard drive but doesn't list "bad CPU" as one of the possible problems.
> I'm not really sure where to go from here.  It's probably the processor that is the problem but I'd like to be able to verify that before I fiddle around with our web presence.  Any ideas?

o both power supplies plugged in ?
o chassis is closed properly ?

i've found that without the DOMSA stuff it can be almost impossible to
find out what is causing the amber light [1].  however i believe there's
now an unofficial debian port of DOMSA which you should be able to get
installed.. search the archive or can someone else authoritatively
state this is the case and the location to fetch from.. does matt have
links from domsch.com/linux/ ?



[1] it would be useful if dell servers could use either the LCD disply
     or have a row of 8 leds [2] which can indicate problems with a
     particular sequence of lights.

[2] ok, ok you've got me.. i just want more system flashing lights in the
    machine room.. the better to beat those network engineers with all
    their router and switch flashing lights..

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