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On my previous system I had a tar based backup solution and could do bare metal
recovery by first booting the new system with tom's rtbt (a small linux boot
floppy with everything but the kithcen sink) and from there mount and partition
the disks and then read the tape. A simple chroot into the restored system to
run lilo and Bob's my uncle.

The main drawback with this system was tar; tar writes everything in one huge
chunk, thus sould a problem with the tape have disastrous results for the
backup since everything past that point would be unreadable.

Then I got my new server, a PE 2600 with a 100GiB LTO drive, and decided to
improve this scheme a bit and use a real backup software package for a change.
I have settled for Arkeia Light, partly because it is nice and partly due to
the appealing price tag. To be honest: it is the best I have found yet.

What I can't get to work is a bare metal recovery. Anybody got any tips here?

I have been thinking along these lines:

o put everything on tape and boot from something to restore it. I have tried
Knoppix without result. It seems to barf on the RAID system. Could well be that
the version of the megaraid driver is too old, as hinted on Matt Domsch's pages

o put just the basic system on tape, restore that one and get the rest from
other backups -- this means that I will only backup dynamic data as bart of the
backup plan and consider the OS static. Same problem as above -- can't boot the
system to a stage where I can read the tape

o rely on the OS install CD:s and use that as a starting point. Once upand
running I will perform whatever customizations I have made and then read the
tapes with dynamic data on top of this

So, my posting is in part a question as to how you have thought about your
backup schemes and part about how on earth can I find some nice CD based Linux
distro that supports the built-in RAID on a PE2600?


	Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

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