NFS problems with RH 9

Venkatesh Nagarajan venkat at
Tue Aug 19 13:24:01 CDT 2003

I did some more testing with solaris client and linux NFS server. It turns out that my write speed is fine but my reads are horrible. 

Thanks for the suggestions. 

Network cable is Ok.
Switch is Ok. 
I have tried all kinds of sizes for rsize and wsize with no improvement.

I have not looked at solaris patches. Will do so now. 

Thank you again and I would appreciate any more suggestions. 


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Are the patches on your Solaris machine up to date.   There are issues
with solaris client->linux server which require solaris nfs patches.

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At 07:21 18-8-2003 -0700, Venkatesh Nagarajan wrote:
>I have imported this disk on a solaris 6 machine. When I invoke the copy 
>on the linux disk from solaris the performance is horrible. I get 
>something in the order of 2K/sec.

Make sure that the network cable is OK. NFS uses udp traffic instead of 
tcp. TCP traffic copes well with bad cabling while udp starts behaving 
erratic and will quickly reduce nfs traffic upto around 1Mbit or so.

Make sure with ifconfig (on both hosts) that you are not losing packets. 
Also check if the switch isn't behaving weird.

Furthermore you can increase the networkbuffer  size as listed in the NFS 
Howto. Newer kernels (2.4.19+) do this automatically.

You can experiment with the wsize and rsize settings as well as trying the 
mount with nfsv3. Although I believe this is problematic between a linux 
and a solaris host in some combinations.


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