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I ran across the following link while searching for performance
specifications on my Poweredge server.
l>   I'm actually running Windows 2000 and using IOMeter as a benchmark.
I'm only able to get 65MBPS while simulating a tape device (64KB,
Sequential, 1 queue, read from disk).  My RAID is a RAID 0, 8 drives, and
it's a PERC controller, dual channel.  Coming from a RAID manufacturing
company, I was able to sustain 135MBPS under the same circumstances, yet
this native RAID is extremely slow.  Who would I talk to at dell about
getting this performance to an acceptable level?  After all, with the 15krpm
drives, I can pull 53MBPS off of a single drive.  I'm not gaining much by
going to RAID.  Thanks.

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