500SC + Intel Pro/1000

Jay Kline list at slushpupie.com
Mon Aug 18 10:50:01 CDT 2003

We have a bunch of 500SC and were just given a bunch of Intel Pro/1000
fiber cards for them.  They are Dell cards, but I am having some
troubles with them. I can get them set up, and everything works great,
but about a minute latter (or less, depending on traffic levels I think)
I get "NETDEV WATCHDOG transmit timed out" errors and the interface
becomes unusable until I down it and bring it back up.  I tried both the
32 and 64bit pci slots, both with the same results.  I did manage to get
some of the cards working, bu they have a different revision printed on
the card.  The cards I cannot get working have a dell part number of
0001561E and the numbers printed on the board are:

PB 700255-006
MP 700256-006

We are running on a stock install of either redhat 7.2 or redhat 7.3
(same hardware either way) with the latest redhat kernels (2.4.20-18.7
or 2.4.20-19.7). The drivers are the latest from Intel's website (e1000
version 5.1.13).
Has anyone had any experience with these? I hope to get a windows server
installed to test if the cards themselves are faulty, as I do not know
the source of the cards originally.


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