NFS problems with RH 9

Venkatesh Nagarajan venkat at
Mon Aug 18 09:22:00 CDT 2003

I don't have a power edge server. I am posting this question because this list seems to be very active. Here is my problem.
I have a Dell N series Workstation running RH 9. I have three disks (all of them 120G disk, Western Digital, 7200RPM IDE) on this machine and I have exported one. When I do a copy on this disk while I am logged onto this machine, things are fine. I can copy 256M file in a few seconds. 
I have imported this disk on a solaris 6 machine. When I invoke the copy on the linux disk from solaris the performance is horrible. I get something in the order of 2K/sec. 
The disk itself is not a problem because local copies are fine. The network is not a problem because something like ftp from the box and writing to the above disk is perfectly fine.
I am hoping someone here will tell what I am doing wrong...
Thank you, 
Here is my /etc/exportfs file.

Here is the line from my /etc/vfstab
evamulti01:/usr/evahome -       /usr/evahome    nfs     -       yes     -


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