NFS and RAID, how to build a fast NFS-backend?

Lars Andersson lars at
Mon Aug 18 05:52:01 CDT 2003

I'm running two 2650:s as NFS fileservers (dual xenon 2GHz, 2 GByte ram) 
for ten web frontend machines and a few mailservers. One NFS server is 
running software raid (mirrored disks) and one is running a Perc 3/Dc 
Hardware raid card in RAID5 config.

The performance of the Perc 3/Dc  card is not good. I need to change this 
setup to something more efficient. I'm thinking about setting up one of the 
servers with 70Gbyte 15k rpm disks in mirrored pairs. Isn't this the 
fastest config I can make on my servers? Does anyone have another 
suggestion? Is there any non-dell raid card that you can recommend?

Have anyone of you also reached some kind of limits in linux NFS 
filesharing? Is it fast enough to keep up with a software-raid-mirrror 
config? I've tuned rmem_max and rmem_default and increased the number of 
NFS threads to 46 on each server.

Best regards


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