Upgrading to RedHat Linux 9.0

Lars Andersson lars at levonline.com
Mon Aug 18 04:14:00 CDT 2003

At 03:23 2003-08-18 -0500, David_Ulbrich at dell.com wrote:
>         Registering at the Premiersupport.dell.com site 100% free!
>         It's a little heavier-duty interface geared more towards someone on
>a IT staff compared to support.dell.com which is supposedly more for end
>users.  (For instance, on Premiersupport you can keep a list of service tags
>you manage so you can easily see, say which of your 300 servers warranties
>will expire in a month.)
>         The only drawback of the Premiersupport site is that you have to
>fill out a short registration form.

It's only for US customers. The europeans are locked out as usual =)

"The registration information that you have provided is either invalid or 
corresponds to a non-U.S. Service Tag."

The split between europe and the US at Dell is annoying.

best regards


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