Configuring PERC3/DC SCSI controller for software raid

Erik Lindahl lindahl at
Sat Aug 16 18:47:00 CDT 2003


> it begs the question though.. why are you using a PERC3/DC when
> you should really use an adaptec 39160 or equivalent with no
> raid stuff.. (yes, i know.. 'because it's there.. and we'd have
> to pay extra for another card?')

Ah, it's a bit more complicated than that - actually our first idea was 
to replace the card with a adaptec 3210s or intel srcu32 (with the 
faster 80303 cpu).

The problem is this is a fileserver in a 600-CPU Poweredge cluster, and 
everything is covered by Dell 'gold' technical support with a 4-hour 
response time 24/7. If we put any non-Dell equiment in the machines 
they are not going to support that machine at all according to our 

Of course we could do bugsearching ourselves and possibly remove the 
card, but I think you get the idea... we are not even allowed to buy 
stuff from the normal dell webpages, but have to go through special 

Having said that, we got the machine with an incredible discount, so 
we're quite happy with Dell.

Originally the PERC3 was set up with hardware raid, and our 14-disk 
dual channel SCSI powervault was about as fast as a single IDE disk on 
our desktops :-)

Our hardware contacts said they were surprised to hear about the bad 
PERC3/DC performance so frequently reported here. Since I know we have 
some Dell guys on the list - perhaps you could try to point out the 
problem internally? We don't mind buying another card, and honestly: we 
wouldn't complain if Dell took the above Adaptec or Intel cards, added 
$300 and sold them under their own label.



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