Poweredge 4200 BIOS Updates?

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Fri Aug 15 16:30:00 CDT 2003

If they are u160 drives you need to jumper the drive to single ended before
the raid controller will see them.

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Thanks -- I have successfully upgraded to A05, but that didn't help 
with the recognition of the new drives.  The PERC firmware doesn't see 
the two new drives at all.

I'm not so skeptical that it can do the expansion of the logical drives 
-- I've seen that done before.  However, I do need it to recognize the 

I have the AMI PERC II controller, but have been unable to locate any 
firmware upgrade for that.  I see the AMI PERC, the AMI PERC 2/DC, and 
the AMI PERC 2/SC, but nothing for the AMI PERC II, which is what the 
bootup tells me it is.

Dell... ?


On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 04:43 PM, Peter A. Peterson II wrote:

> Quoting Dave Sobel:
>> I have NOT updated the BIOS yet nor updated the firmware on the AMI
>> PERC II controller.  (Interestingly, I'm having trouble finding the
>> right update on the Dell Support site).
> I found these:
> http://support.tastytronic.net/software/pe4200/BIOS/
> ...through http://support.dell.com/, going for downloads for the
> PowerEdge 4200. (under BIOS).
>> When I put the two new drives into the slots and connect them, the 
>> II controller doesn't even see the two new drives.  Interestingly, 
>> what
>> it does do is knock my Intel PRO network card offline when I boot with
>> the two new drives, even tho nothing is connected.
> I have to go back to the firmware level and create new logical disks
> -- I think that's just how it goes. Have you tried that?
>> Currently, I'm working on finding the right updates for the machine to
>> flash the BIOS and the PERC controller in hopes that this will do what
>> you describe.  I need to expand the logical partition, such that I can
>> then use partitioning software to expand the drives.
> I'm actually skeptical that it will expand logical drives, you may
> have to back up your data, and re-copy it back to your newly created
> logical drive.
>> If the fine folks at Dell can offer insight, that would be great.  I'm
>> also going to work on this myself some.....
> I'm goign to try the BIOS updates tonight, I'll let you know how it
> goes.
> Peter

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