Poweredge 4200 BIOS Updates?

Thomas Eriksson thomas.eriksson at slac.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 15 16:25:01 CDT 2003

Did this for a PE6300 last week - the BIOS and firmware had not been 
touched since the machine was bought in 1998.

For the PERC II controller you want a file named PERCU84.exe
There appears to be no way of navigating to this file on the
DELL web site. I managed to get it by going to the downloads 
area and then enter the filename in the search box.


On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 13:54, Dave Sobel wrote:
> Peter:
> Thanks -- I have successfully upgraded to A05, but that didn't help 
> with the recognition of the new drives.  The PERC firmware doesn't see 
> the two new drives at all.
> I'm not so skeptical that it can do the expansion of the logical drives 
> -- I've seen that done before.  However, I do need it to recognize the 
> drives.
> I have the AMI PERC II controller, but have been unable to locate any 
> firmware upgrade for that.  I see the AMI PERC, the AMI PERC 2/DC, and 
> the AMI PERC 2/SC, but nothing for the AMI PERC II, which is what the 
> bootup tells me it is.
> Dell... ?
> Dave

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