Poweredge 4200 BIOS Updates?

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Fri Aug 15 15:44:00 CDT 2003

Quoting Dave Sobel:
> I have NOT updated the BIOS yet nor updated the firmware on the AMI 
> PERC II controller.  (Interestingly, I'm having trouble finding the 
> right update on the Dell Support site).

I found these:


...through http://support.dell.com/, going for downloads for the
PowerEdge 4200. (under BIOS).

> When I put the two new drives into the slots and connect them, the PERC 
> II controller doesn't even see the two new drives.  Interestingly, what 
> it does do is knock my Intel PRO network card offline when I boot with 
> the two new drives, even tho nothing is connected.

I have to go back to the firmware level and create new logical disks
-- I think that's just how it goes. Have you tried that?

> Currently, I'm working on finding the right updates for the machine to 
> flash the BIOS and the PERC controller in hopes that this will do what 
> you describe.  I need to expand the logical partition, such that I can 
> then use partitioning software to expand the drives.

I'm actually skeptical that it will expand logical drives, you may
have to back up your data, and re-copy it back to your newly created
logical drive.

> If the fine folks at Dell can offer insight, that would be great.  I'm 
> also going to work on this myself some.....

I'm goign to try the BIOS updates tonight, I'll let you know how it


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