slackware installation problems with a 2650 dell at
Fri Aug 15 10:50:01 CDT 2003

Hello all,

I've just taken delivery of a 2650, but I'm having a hard time
installing anything on it.

I want to use slackware, which currently doesn't support aacraid out
of the box. So I'm using a bootdisk and 2 rootdisks to get me to the
stage where I can install off the cd.

Unfortunately, after booting (no problems) and putting the root disks
in, I'm facing odd problems:

1/- can't run the slackware setup program because its not complete.
The file is the right size, but there are lines missing. md5sum won't
do a checksum, giving an input/output error.

2/- I can't get the tar.gz root of the 2nd rootdisk to compare things
with, because tar gives me a bus error.

3/- there are other little bits here and there that indicate
problems/corruption with the programs/ramdisk filesystem.

I have checked the disks on my desktop - and its all fine. I thought
it might be to do with large memory support in the kernel (machine has
4.5GB), so I took out 4GB but same problem.

I have done a

cat /dev/fd0 | md5sum

and its the same as on my desktop - so it looks like the floppy is
getting the data off the disks ok. I'm guessing the problem lies
somewhere in the 'uncompress and write to memory' region. Checking it
on my computer makes me think that there is a problem doing ramdisks
on the 2650 - but I couldn't find anything in the archives regarding

Does anyone have a clue(bat)?


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